Cactus Love

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Happy Monday, ladies and gents.

As a reminder, I’m going to stop updating this page as of June 1st. Please update your bookmarks and internet gadgets to point to the new site.


Shuffling Undead

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In case you haven’t heard, last week the US CDC published a guide on how to prepare for a zombie apocalypse.

For Those About to Rock

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Next time someone challenges you to a game of Rock-Paper-Scissors, try throwing the “RAWK” finger horns and start headbanging. They usually leave pretty quickly after that, which means you win by forfeit.

You know what else rocks? The new site. Seriously, you should go there.

Magic Bear

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We somehow ended up with bears again… we’ll see if our comics are bear-free by next week.

Head over to the new site if you haven’t already. But be careful; they may have bears too.

Tales from the Fridge: Camping

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This week’s comic is something a bit different. I’d love to credit the comic artist who inspired this style, but I really can’t remember where I saw it. I believe it was a foreign comic that involved a rabbit burying a body in the forest. Ah well. Animators like Molly Crabapple and Don Hertzfeldt have done entire animated features with paper cutouts, which is amazing as well.

As a reminder, the new site is fully functional. Go enjoy it.

Monkeying Around

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Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. For those who celebrated holidays by devouring eggs this weekend, congratulations; I hope you ate enough eggs to put <a href=”″>Cool Hand Luke</a> to shame.


•April 18, 2011 • 4 Comments

(click the picture for the full effect)

I tried something a bit new this week. Initially, it started out as a crazy idea to fix some problems I had with the layout, and transformed into what you see above. Enjoy, and have a great week.

Also, be sure to check out the new site if you haven’t already, over at

EDIT: Apparently, I’m having some problems with the coding side of my other site. The comic is only available on this site for now. I’ll let you know when things get fixed over there.