My attempt at 24 hour comics day

For those of you unfamiliar with the exercise, 24 hour comics day is an international event where comics artists attempt to complete a 24 page comic within the span of 24 hours. This is no small task, considering it can take weeks to complete this task under normal circumstances. During the challenge, the creator must come up with everything for the comic, from concept to completed, inked pages. What’s more, the 24 hours are continuous; participants are supposed to budget time within the span for any food, stretching, etc. that they would need.

This last October 2nd, I undertook this challenge for the first time. It was an incredible task, and I learned a lot about my own work habits. I understand why people compare it to the Olympics for comics. Technically, I “lost” the challenge; while my story was complete and penciled at the end of the 24th hour, I still had about five pages that needed to be inked and lettered. The process was incredible, not only because of the effort it took to complete, but because of the sheer amount of talent that was at the event. I was able to see firsthand a lot of really creative, really talented artists work on some amazing stuff. Take a look at James Powell’s blog, for example; I had the privilege of sharing a table with him, and he was producing an amazing story.

Below is my completed story. Delirium and caffeine coupled with a prolonged sense of panic led to an interesting tale, albeit a bit less polished than my normal drawings/jokes. Enjoy.


~ by Justin on October 14, 2010.

13 Responses to “My attempt at 24 hour comics day”

  1. Excellent job! I don’t think I could ever undertake the 24 hour challenge. It’s too daunting!

    P.S. Hippos ARE assholes!

  2. Brilliant! Bravo!

  3. Way to go!

  4. Awesome! Great to see it completed! Hilarious stuff–even funnier when I’ve only been awake for 16 hours and not 28.

    • Thanks! Glad to see it’s still funny once we’re not sleep-deprived.

      Next year, I’ll actually complete a comic in the actual time requirements (instead of leaving a few pages to ink).

  5. Lots of twists and turns — and laughs! Great work!

  6. wonderful, really liked …

  7. wonderful, really liked this

  8. This is fantastic! I finally got around to reading it from 24HCD last year, and I am so glad I did. I totally lol’ed. 😀

  9. […] Speaking of other assholes…  […]

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