Hope you’re enjoying these comic things. I seem to be making them longer and longer as the weeks go by.

Also, quick tip for those of you doing comics out there: do thumbnails (preliminary drawings) of your characters and layouts first. It sounds like extra work, but it isn’t. When I skip doing thumbnails, I still end up drawing the characters half a dozen times.

In other news, if you haven’t changed your bookmarks yet, you should. The new site is over here.


~ by Justin on April 11, 2011.

2 Responses to “Squirrels”

  1. HAHAHA! Ok this definitely goes into my most favorite JBABB posts! Excellent! I LOVE IT!

    And I totally agree with the thumbnails. Actually I pretty much always do a (very) rough sketch of what the post is going to be, just so I can figure out how many frames I need and where my characters will be positioned etc.

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